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Are you a Multi-Generational Family Business?

The team here at FINH have been working with family businessses for over 20 years.

We understand the nuance and emotions of managing family and business. We understand both the highs and the lows.

Most importantly we know the challenges and the successes and how to move from one to the other seamlessly.

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Family businesses are in a constant state of transition. The challenge is to make the business sustainable in a way that meets the needs of your family group:

We advise privately and confidentially on:

(i) Family business communication
(ii) Conflict among family or staff
(iii) Succession planning and letting go
(iv) Governance issues, both formal and family including family councils
(v) Raising, sourcing and releasing capital
(vi) Next generation involvement
(vii) Philanthropy and long term planning

We serve clients in Australia, New Zealand and across Asia.

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