The Essential Roadmap – Dr Fredda Herz Brown’s book

The Essential Roadmap: Navigating Family Enterprise Sustainability in a Changing World


“Fredda Herz Brown gives a gift to our field, capturing the unique intersection between a family’s emotional system and its economic systems. Her depth of knowledge, real-life case studies and practical suggestions bring light to an otherwise opaque and complex topic.”

— Sharna Goldseker, Founder & Vice President, 21/64

“This book is a wonderful articulation of immense wisdom. The chapters on gratitude, generosity and resilience are so well articulated. These lessons are most essential for families to achieve lasting sustainability.”

— Mark Rubin, Head of Tax, Geller Advisors

“Fredda Herz Brown knows this territory well. In the bumpy, sometimes acrimonious journey of owners, she shows us how to find common ground and chart a way forward. This read delivers the benefits of her long experience and lessons learned helping steward enterprising families toward a better future.”

— Roy Richards, Jr., Board Chairman, Southwire Company

“This book’s five dimensions of sustainability provide the ‘thinking’ framework a family needs to tackle the challenge of building a plan to sustain the family’s present and future needs. The vignettes bring reality back into focus and are a welcome humanizer to what can feel like theoretical work.”

— Laura Cabot Carrigan, Executive Chair, Cabot-Wellington

“This book’s definition of sustainability could not be more spot on. Every decision must be made as a family, for the sake of the family and its business. Unless the family views the development of human capital as an enduring value, versus as an afterthought, the sustainability of the family enterprise will be compromised”

— John D’Addario III, CEO & President, D’Addario & Company