Sudhir H. Kalé

B.Sc. (Hons), M.M.S. (Finance), M.S., Ph.D.
Senior Consultant - Business

Sudhir is a seasoned consultant who combines academic rigour with real-world pragmatism. As an entrepreneur, he has been involved in starting a few businesses, most notably Kale Consultants Ltd., a premier software development company in India (now known as Accelya Kale Solutions Ltd). Sudhir has been on the faculty of several highly ranked business schools in the USA, Asia, and Australia. His research has been published in several scholarly journals in the areas of Psychology, Management and Marketing.

Sudhir is often an invited speaker at several prestigious conferences in management and marketing. He has over two decades of consulting experience where he combines his knowledge of management, psychology and culture to address family business issues. He has consulted with businesses of all sizes on five continents.

Sudhir’s background provides family business clients with a significant depth of expertise in helping them to implement best practice governance solutions for their future sustainability. He is adept at facilitating family meetings and workshops to arrive at consensus on desired processes and outcomes.