Starting Succession

Setting out on structured succession planning that is facilitated by our international experts

"Where do we find someone who will help us get going with succession, moving beyond what we’ve read in family business material, so that we start to take concrete steps?"

When you are already busy running the family business, you need someone who can guide you through the complex, emotional area of succession planning and who is trustworthy and maintains confidentiality.

We had stumbled around for many years since our grandfathers died, with an unwieldy shareholders’ agreement that required lawyers whenever our circumstances changed. Then I found FINH who genuinely appreciated our problem. They worked with us through a wider family meeting and were able to scope out an exercise for the current year. We are now well on our way to simplifying the shareholders’ agreement and developing our family constitution. The new family policies help us all know what we stand for, what we are doing and how to participate in the operations and stewardship of the family business.

A happy consortium of cousins.

Sometimes we just do not know what we do not know. FINH understands that succession is a process, not an event, and we can guide you through the unknowns and the knowns.

David Harland
Executive Chairman, FINH

Succession between generations is one of the main successions that face family businesses, alongside successions in ownership (from operators to stewards) and in business (from local to global). By embracing a succession planning process that is structured and independently facilitated, there is a far greater chance of emulating the most successful families in business. At FINH we use the global experience of our experts when dealing with your families unique challenges around succession planning.