Raising/Releasing Capital

Identifying opportunities for partnering and co-investing with other family groups

"What are the options for partnering with others to mobilise and allocate fresh capital whilst respecting my parents’ desire not to give up control?"

Families in business often feel more comfortable partnering with, or co-investing alongside, another family in business that shares a deep understanding of the market and has patience and capital for the long term.

One of the family branches of the fourth generation Chinese family business is looking to exit rather than continuing to participate in the family group assets, which include property assets in SE Asia. FINH helped with exploring options including a public REIT listing but this cannot happen for several years. In the meantime FINH has matched the owners with a similar family in business who would like to take an equity stake. The Family’s accountants and lawyers dealt with the negotiations and settled a mutually agreed deal that facilitated the liquidity necessary to pay the exiting family branch and for that branch to move on with their separate plans.

Singapore-based Adviser.

FINH’s intricate understanding of Patient Family Capital allows our clients to access financial capital from our global network of like-minded families for long-term mutual investments.

David Harland
Executive Chairman, FINH
In addition to the spectrum of options available to private companies including debt markets, equity markets and internal organic funding sources, FINH has a family patient capital global alliance with deVisscher & Co. that provides strategic alternatives to families in business.