Financial Governance

Improving the way that families in business make Financial Capital investment decisions

"We were asking how we could make investment decisions more inclusively, rather than 72-year old Dad making all the decisions on his own?"

As the family grows, there needs to be corresponding evolution in a decision-making process that takes the family’s needs and perspectives fully into consideration.

Family members felt they were not involved in some very strategic business investment decisions. FINH helped us build a structure for all the family to communicate more formally, then write a family constitution which defined and clarified our values and beliefs. As FINH continued to help us with process, we developed an investment policy and our own family investment charter. Through FINH’s association with a group of consulting financial economists we now have an independent expert advising us in the structure of an investment committee. Our knowledge and ability to make better investment decisions have come a long way from when we first met FINH.

CEO of a diversified multigenerational family company.

A family investment committee charter, developed with a family investment policy, establishes a process that leads to better investment outcomes.

David Harland
Executive Chairman, FINH
A structured process for investment decision-making demonstrates to the Next Generation the rigor with which investment decisions are made, helps in the education of current and future generations, and, critically, assesses the wisdom of how family capital is currently invested and if it aligns with future family needs.