Family Office Support

Defining the family in business separately from any of the family business assets

"Thinking of the family and business, how can we ensure that the dog wags the tail, not the other way around?"

The interests of the family can be overwhelmed by the demands of running a business unless there is a structured way of viewing the family and its capital, providing overall direction and accountability.

We knew that we needed to have an independent approach to our family and investment governance and management. The Next Generation, whilst capable people, had neither the experience nor desire to manage money and complicated legal structures. FINH was able to help us identify a model that allowed us, together with our trusted adviser, to establish our own family office without all the costs of trying to do it on our own. It promotes a disciplined approach to the management of our affairs, helps us be mutually accountable to each other, and educates the Next Generation to be better stewards.

Mother and wife of a now travelling entrepreneur.

Some families wish to achieve the benefits, but not the full costs, that a family office can bring. At FINH we work with the family’s existing advisers to help navigate towards the best solution for their circumstances.

David Harland
Executive Chairman, FINH
Without a structured, independent approach to managing Family Capital, the only glue holding together a growing, dispersed family is the business. So shareholders (legal or emotional) cling too much to the business in its current form to preserve identity and closeness, even if that means passing up opportunities to expand, evolve or sell the business.