Capturing the Value of Family Ownership

Nurturing the long-term effectiveness of your family in business

"How can we develop the success that comes from being a family in business?"

The challenge is for families to harness the capacities of members who are passionate professionals and well-differentiated individuals, in order to continue to be a sustainable family in business.

We had a lot of tension in our relationships because we were trying to discuss business matters during family times and family matters during business times. Tensions rose to an explosion point and I was starting to believe that family and business shouldn’t mix. Then we employed the services of David Harland at FINH and we began to fix the problem of having no structures or processes for communicating about different areas of our lives at different times. At one point we were in danger of discovering the truth of ‘from shirt-sleeves to shirt-sleeves in three generations’, but we now understand that it is the family, owning and working in a business, that actually makes us passionate and successful people.

CFO, mother and wife of director of a third generation logistics business.

Understanding the value of the ‘Family Effect’ is the beginning of sustainability for families in business.

David Harland
Executive Chairman, FINH
The Family Effect is a combination of the family heritage, traditions and values including stewardship and responsible ownership. It is seen in the development of family communication, the fostering of shared values, and the development of financial accountability, education and entrepreneurial skills.