Family Office Support

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Family Office Support

Hi David,

I notice you provide family office support. I’m 3rd Gen family business and our wealth is substantial and well managed currently. I have heard of family offices but don’t really know if this is an option for us just yet. When is the right time to set up a family office?

Hi James,

Thanks for your query. The objective of a family office is to manage the assets of ultra-high net wealth families as well as manage the day-to-day admin and management of the family group.

So the services include tax planning, estate planning, philanthropic ventures as well as assisting with lifestyle issues such as travel arrangements, education, and family governance.

The decision to start a family office or not can depend on many factors including:
  • Using the Family office as a vehicle for family continuity:  The family office can foster a sense of community and family unity.
  • Better Financial Control: They allow the family I to directly oversee decisions about family financial matters
  • Objectivity in Decision-making: You have a dedicated, professional independent team working for you.
  • Customization of Services: You can customise exactly what your family wants the family office to provide.
I hope that is helpful James. Don’t hesitate to call to discuss your specific needs.